The Lansing Longsword Guild is dedicated to the study and interpretation of Joachim Meyer's 16th Century fencing treatise, among other sources. Lessons in the Guild will start with the longsword, but often teach concepts from other weapons in service of completely understanding the weapon and its use in the mid 16th century in Germany. Meyer taught an interconnected system of fencing that covered the longsword, the dusack, the rapier, dagger, polearm, and wrestling. Lessons taught in one section are applicable to the others, and students are instructed to approach Meyer's teachings in a holistic way, never studying a weapon in complete isolation.

Students are encouraged to study other weapons and martial traditions, as well as study the social, political, and cultural aspects of life in Medieval or Early Modern Europe to facilitate the study of European martial culture.

Instructor Adam Franti is a member of the Meyer Freifechter Guild and a Free-Scholar of the Historical Fencing Association. He has been fencing, in some form or another, since 2005, and has been active in HEMA tournaments since 2015. He is an organizer of the Midwest Historical Fencing League and has been one of its top competitors since its formation. He started the Lansing Longsword Guild in the summer of 2017, where he remains the president and lead instructor.

"Adam and company, great program yesterday! It was nice getting to see everyone again. My students can't wait for the next one." - Derosa M.

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